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22. ICOSIM Weekly

1. The call for VitD? Cure or fake?
2. 113 RANTES citations!
3. Don’t miss the date: Blood Day Frankfurt 15.Sept 2023

Dear friends of ICOSIM and jawbone osteoimmunology,

After the summer break with fresh forces: New and interesting in jawbone osteoimmunology!!


1. The call for VitD? Cure or fake?


Who doesn’t know it: The loud call for VitD? Under the title “Cancer Mortality” is a press release from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ). (Editor: Marc Fröhling) to read that according to the current study situation, vitamin D intake is associated with a reduced cancer mortality.

Are we all taking VitD now and fighting cancer!? Upon closer inspection, the DKFZ researchers found significantly lower serum levels of the pro-inflammatory tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF alpha) and interleukin 6 and CRP in study participants under VitD substitution. Problem for us ICOSM members:

Exactly TNF alpha, IL-6 and CRP play no role according to our research in the osteoimmunology of the jawbone: All three are extremely under-expressed and therefore not a necessary target for VitD substitution as our research with IMD-Berlin shows:

On the contrary, it turns out: Since an initial activation of TNF alpha, IL-6 is essential for wound healing of an FDOK, the anti-inflammatory VitD further suppresses the osteoimmunological activation of osteoneogenesis of an FDOK.


The importance of VitD remains of course. But a blanket high-dose therapy regimen for bone healing in the jaw in FDOK and implantation should be approached with due caution.

P.S. See also our publication : (Read here)

Lechner J, Aschoff J, Rudi T. The vitamin D receptor and the etiology of RANTES/CCL- expressive fatty-degenerative osteolysis of the jawbone: an interface between osteoimmunology and bone metabolism. Int J Gen Med. 2018; 11:155–66. PMID: 29731660.

2. 113 RANTES citations!


Does our research with IMD-Berlin on jawbone osteoimmunology find recognition in international scientific literature?

Not without pride I note: Our publications on RANTES/CCL5 and FDOK have been cited 113 times so far (of course without self-citations).


3. Save the Date: International Blood Concentrate Day Frankfurt 15.Sept 2023


Topic Lechner Lecture:Bone Ultrasound Detection of Difficult to Diagnose Bone Affections after Extraction and/or Implantation”. 



Topic Lechner Workshop:Between Osseointegration and Osteoimmunology– Practice of Ultrasound Sonography for Immunological Sustainability of Titanium and Ceramic Implants



Remain until the next ICOSIM Weekly with collegial greetings in preparation for the event in Bad Kissingen at IGAF and Blood Day with Prof. Ghanaati in Frankfurt
Your Hans Lechner


Hans Lechner


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