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31. ICOSIM Weekly

1. New publication: Does X-ray lead dentists to the wrong pathology?

2. Call for multicenter study

Dear friends of ICOSIM and
jawbone osteoimmunology,


First of all, I wish you a Happy New Year 2024!

And I am also happy to announce some good news:

1. New article on CaviTAU® and RANTES/CCL5 with the central question


Does X-ray lead dentists to the wrong pathology? 

In collaboration with the scientific institutes of the University of Lisbon/Dr. Joana Vasconcelos e Cruz, our Munich Research Team (Lecher/Notter/Schick) has presented another scientific publication in the PubMed-indexed Journal of Inflammation Research:

Comparison of cytokine RANTES/CCL5 inflammation in apical periodontitis and in jawbone cavitations – Retrospective clinical study


The central statements of your current publication are:

a) Even the apical granulomas/apical periodontitis visible in the X-ray express RANTES/CCL5.

b) However, the FDOK areas that are not detectable in the X-ray exhibit a 3x higher inflammation pattern of RANTES/CCL5.

c) The actual pathogenic chronic inflammatory triggers of the immune diseases caused by RANTES/CCL5 overexpression (such as rheumatism, cancer, neuroinflammation, etc.) are regularly not treated by dentists, as they are only detectable with ultrasound sonography using CaviTAU®.

d) Conclusion: The fixation on the X-ray image prevents the treatment of systemic immune diseases in dentistry; a complementary application of ultrasound sonography is necessary from an integrative medical perspective for patient protection.


The graphic shows the unequal distribution of RANTES/CCL5 expressions in pg/mL:


Here is the translation of your message to English: “An illustration of the 4 case reports shows the difference in radiological presentation of a chronically inflammatory bone marrow defect compared to the imaging of ultrasound sonography CaviTAU® and the RANTES/CCL5 overexpression of 3,928 pg/ml compared to the norm of 149.9 pg/ml.

Such articles in medical journals are of invaluable value to our practice success in distinguishing us from less advanced colleague practices!


2. Call for a multicenter study


For another multicenter study on the CCL5/CCR5 axis and breast cancer using the reference standard RANTES/CCL5 discovered by us, we are looking for colleagues who

a) perform FDOK with a RANTES/CCL5 multiplex analysis at IMD (following the example of Hans Lechner) for forensic control


b) perform these FDOK operations on patients with breast cancer


Is this applicable? Then please contact ICOSIM project leader Hans Lechner immediately!


I am looking forward to hearing opinions and questions from our ICOSIM colleagues and remain with collegial greetings until the next ICOSIM Weekly.

Your Hans Lechner.

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