Grünwalder Str. 1, 81547 München

ICOSIM’s objectives

As an organisation and an association, ICOSIM e.V. pursues the following objectives:

  • The invitation to tender and funding of medical studies for research into maxillo-mandibular osteoimmunology.
  • The organisation and support of professional development events for medical specialists, complementary medicine practitioners, students and self-help groups
  • Public relations and patient education
  • Collaboration with other international organisations such as DEGUZ, GZM, IAOMT and the Autoimmunity Research Foundation (a non-profit organisation in California, USA)

ICOSIM provides its members with research results and scientific publications on maxillo-mandibular osteoimmunology.

ICOSIM is extending current observations and existing findings on the medical effects of maxillo-mandibular osteoimmunology with practice-based application studies and case documentation.


ICOSIM publishes material to inform patients whose conditions may be triggered or cured by maxillo-mandibular osteology (FDOK/’NICO’). 

ICOSIM runs a discussion forum on maxillo-mandibular osteoimmunology, which is available for members to actively share their experiences.