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Practice-based and user studies & patient information

In order to provide specialist information to patients whose pathology is associated with maxillo-mandibular osteology, we have compiled a number of publications on various topics related to the surgical rehabilitation of a ‘fatty-degenerative osteonecrosis of the jawbone’ (FDOK/’NICO’) with chronic overexpression of RANTES/CCLS. This ICOSIM information is drawn from scientifically recognised publications.


1. Gynaecological degenerative disorders (e.g. breast cancer)

2. Facial pain/trigeminal neuralgia

3. Silent chronic inflammation in the jawbone and neurodegenerative diseases - chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple sclerosis

4. Root-filled teeth, the biochemistry of protein decomposition products (‘dental poisons’) which may potentially develop, and their possible link to chronic diseases