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Scientific information

1. Prof. C.A. May, University of Dresden

‘Expert reports on the issue of the scientific nature of new diagnostic entities, little-used diagnostic devices and their derived therapeutic methods.’

Contents: Scientific and theoretical cause of fatty-degenerative osteolysis in the jawbone (FDOJ);
Assistance in disputes with funding agencies and experts.

2. Guideline S3 DGZMK: imaging odontogenic infection

The excerpt from the full version of guideline S3 of the DGZMK on odontogenic infections, AWMF registration number: 007-006, version: September 2016, valid until: September 2021, recommends ultrasound examination as a preferred method alongside other imaging procedures. 


3. Prof. Jerry Bouquot

If you want to get deep into the pathohistology of fat-degenerative osteolysis/osteonecrosis of the jawbone (FDOK) by Prof. Jerry Bouquot, I recommend his public Dropbox from 01 (normal) to 13 (References/Definitions) with 970 wonderful PowerPoint images