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With these books the authors justify a new field in medicine and dentistry:

An interdisciplinary maxillo-mandibular osteoimmunology. All four volumes document the fatty degenerative osteolysis of the jawbone on a case-by-case basis, emphasize their conspicuous overexpression of the inflammatory messenger RANTES/CCL5 and discuss 39 chronic diseases that may have been triggered by it.

The discussion shows that an extension of volume I and volume II was necessary due to the increasing importance and understanding of „silent inflammation” for the immune system.

The investigation of disturbing „signaling pathways” from the jaw area through insufficient wound healing after a tooth removal, inflammatory stimuli from implants and root fillings and their systemic intricacies, makes these three textbooks a cornerstone of medical progress.

The trust in the unlimited significance of x-ray diagnostics is questioned and supplemented by the use of transalveolar ultrasound diagnostics (TAU with ultrasound sonograph CaviTAU®).

NEW! “Chronic Jawbone Inflammation And Systemic Diseases”
Dr. Dr. (PhD-UCN) Johann Lechner

Picture documentation of Chronic Osteonecrosis/ Fatty Degenerative Osteonecrosis in Jawbone (COJ/FDOJ).
  • Different Tumors
  • Atypical Facial Pain/Trigeminal Neuralgia
  • Rheumatic Complaints
  • Internal Diseases
  • Immune Diseases
  • Neuropathic Diseases
  • Chronic Fatigue Sydrome/Burn-Out
To document the osteonecrotic intensity of the FDOJ cases the corresponding individual X-rays are displayed beside/above the FDOJ images.

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104 pages


CavitationalCavitational Osteonecrosis Jawbone NEW_Osteonecrosis_Jawbone_NEW

Volume I – IV (English) “Cavitational Osteonecrosis in Jawbone” Dr. Dr. (PhD-UCN) Johann Lechner

From neglected local inflammation to endangering systemic diseases.
  • You get an insight in functional and immunological medullary derailment of jawbone
  • You learn the localization of jawbone detox by new ultrasound sonography.
You can view the abridged ONLINE version free of charge HERE.

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398 pages


“Ostéonécrose Cavitaire de l’os de la mâchoire”
Dr. Dr. (PhD-UCN) Johann Lechner

Language: French
This edition covers the main concepts and studies on the chemokine RANTES and its relationship to cavitation osteonecrosis, also known as:

  • cavitations,
  • FDOJ (fatty degenerative osteonecrosis of the jawbone),
  • BMDJ (bone marrow disease of the jawbone),
  • osteonecrotic cavitation-induced neuralgia.

Aetiopathogenesis, morphology, diagnosis and systemic relationships as well as the basics of maxillomandibular osteoimmunology and understanding the healing and repair processes of bone and their relationship to metabolism.

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400 pages


Volume I „Cavity forming osteolyses of the jawbone“ Dr. Dr. (PhD-UCN) Johann Lechner

Systematic-integral effects of aseptic osteonecrosis “jaw ostitis” and “NICO” in the jaw – Index In the author`s practice, astonishing improvements in rheumatoid, neuralgiform complaints and other systematic diseases are observed after the cleansing of painfree, radiographically incospicuous and toothless jaw areas (NICO). These are structurally characterized by a fatty degenerative osteonecrosis of the cancellous bone. In order to clarify systemic connections, osteolytic and fatty degenerative cancellous bone was taken from a total of 17 subjects and examined for 27 immune messengers using bead-based multiplex technology. All 17 NICO samples consistently show the highest concentrations of RANTES/CCL5. The scientific literature on the causes and metastatic tendencies of breast cancer assigns RANTES a key role as a signalling agent.

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280 pages


Volume II „Histology & Immunology of the cavity-forming osteolysis of the jawbone“ Dr. Dr. (PhD-UCN) Johann Lechner

Oral and systemic manifestation of a Maxillo-Mandibular Osteoimmunology – Index With this book three athors enter a new field in medicine and dentistry: an interdisciplinary Maxillo-Mandibular Osteo-Immunology. They present it case-related and casuistically and discuss the diseases associated with a fatty degenerative osteolysis of the jawbone (FDOK). After Volume I with the title „Cavity forming osteolysis of the jawbone” published in 2011, further scientific data on FDOK is now available. Prof. Bouquot has made his extensive histological imagery on FDOK “NICO” obtainable and 2000 own histologies from FDOK were analyzed and evaluated in addition.

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320 pages


Volume III „Cavity forming osteolysis of the jawbone“
Dr. Dr. (PhD-UCN) Johann Lechner

Dental pathomechanisms of chronic inflammatory diseases – Index

After Volume I from 2011 and Volume II from 2015, Volume III, on the cavity-forming osteolyses of the jawbone with their oral and systemic manis fixations, will be published in 2019. These three books by the authors Dr. Dr. (PhDUCN) J. Lechner, Prof. JE. Bouquot and Dr. V. von Baehr with more than 600 colored illustrations and over 1,000 literature citations on more than 800 pages explain and justify the new therapy and research branch of a „Maxillo-Mandibular Osteoimmunology”.

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280 pages


Band IV „Visualisierung der kavitätenbildenden Osteolysen im Kieferknochen mit Sonographie​“ Dr. Dr. (PhD-UCN) Johann Lechner

Radiation-free imaging for maxillo-mandibular osteoimmunology and documentation of the controversial bone marrow defects in the jaw with ultrasound-generated images, objectively visible and comprehensible.
  • With over 200 multicolored images for interpreting the CaviTAU® ultrasound measurements ( for bone density in the jaw
  • With over 560 literature citations on the scientific background
After Volume I in 2011, Volume II in 2015, Volume III in 2019 in the series “Cavitation-forming osteolyses of the jawbone”, Volume IV in 2020 rounds off the entire compendium on cavity-forming osteolyses.

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304 pages