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32. ICOSIM Weekly

1. Free ICOSIM Webinar on 21.02.24

2. New Publication: Is There a Question Deficit in Implantology?

3. “Do Not Miss” Dates 2024

Dear friends of ICOSIM and
jawbone osteoimmunology,


The new year 2024 starts with full power!

1. Free ICOSIM Webinar on 21.02.24


2. Next Article: Is There a Question Deficit in Implantology?


Who in implantology considers the “immunological sustainability” of invasive procedures? In this context, an implant significantly interacts with osteoimmunological processes related to jawbone quality, especially when it goes beyond simple drilling and post placement. Does it matter for the local quality of osseointegration whether the material is titanium or ceramic? Or does individual material hypersensitivity play a role in this?

These systemic-immunological questions about osseointegration and osteoimmunology, beyond peri-implantitis and mechanical BIC, are addressed for the first time in our latest PubMed-indexed study using radiation-free trans-alveolar ultrasound sonography (US) and precise bone density measurement (CTU) with US/CTU (comparable to Hounsfield units):

Lechner J, von Baehr V, Notter F, Schick F.


Osseointegration and Osteoimmunology in Implantology: Assessment of the Immune Sustainability of Dental Implants Using Advanced Sonographic Diagnostics: Research and Case Reports.

Journal of International Medical Research. 2024;52(1). doi:10.1177/03000605231224161

For a free download (beware, it’s a 28-page PDF!) and an introduction to scientific work with ultrasound sonography, visit

Our ultrasound sonography provides the following overview:

  • US/CTU measurements indicate reduced Bone-to-Implant Contact (BIC) and diminished osseointegration in Ti-Stim-positive collectives compared to Ti-Stim-negative collectives. Additionally, Ti-Stim-positive groups exhibit higher inflammation levels.
  • CTU measurements reveal better osseointegration and an eightfold higher BIC for ceramic implants compared to titanium implants.
  • Multiplex analyses of RANTES/CCL5 expression demonstrate approximately 20-fold increased cytokine expression around titanium implants with bone marrow defects.

For more information on osteoimmunology in dentistry and to join the International College of Maxillo-mandibular Osteoimmunology (ICOSIM e.V.), visit

3. “Do Not Miss” Dates 2024

a) Tissue Master Congress: CaviTAU and lecture: March 14-15 in Nuremberg


b) Not only the Bundeswehr, but also CaviTAU® in Lithuania! 

c) Craving for Sunshine: Barcelona, April 2024

I have the occasion to lecture on the “XXI National Congress of Kinesiology”, which will be held at the Espai Pujades 350 in Barcelona on April 11, 12 and 13, 2024.

My presentations are scheduled for

Thursday, April 11 at 3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. with the title “Pre-Congress Course: Integrative Oral Medicine and Osteoimmunology” and

Saturday , 12 april at 13.15 p.m – 13:45 pm with the title “Unattended systemic diseases of mandibular cause diagnosed by ultrasound”

Congress website: Instagram link of my intervention planned


I remain with collegial greetings until the next ICOSIM Weekly.

Your Hans Lechner.

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