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30. ICOSIM Weekly

1. Newspaper article: successful treatment of trigeminal neuralgia, facial pain and Parkinson’s disease

2. Case of the week: Trigeminal neuralgia again despite Janetta surgery!

Dear friends of ICOSIM and
jawbone osteoimmunology,


1. Article about our successes with patients

I am pleased to be able to share a nice surprise with you: A great article has appeared in the Swedish newspaper TF-bladet about our successes with patients that we have been able to achieve with the help of CaviTAU®. The reference to the success of “Ultrasonography Guided Jawbone Detox” in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia and facial pain and to a case of Parkinson’s disease that we cured with CaviTAU® and Jawbone Detox is journalistically perfectly presented!

Such articles in medical lay portals are of course invaluable for the success of our practice!

Here you can download the article as original in Swedish or as translated English version:


2. The case of the week: Trigeminal neuralgia despite “Janetta surgery” at the base of the skull


An approximately 55-year-old female patient presents to our practice clinic with trigeminal neuralgia in the upper right jaw. Her history is so interesting because after 15 years of constant neuralgia she found freedom from pain after a Janetta operation on the right. However, this only lasted for around 18 months, as she has now had the same trigeminal neuralgia again for 6 months. Our CaviTAU® image clearly shows why the pain in the upper right has returned: The osteoimmunologic inflammation in the alveolar bone OK right is still active!


Questions about the case:

a) Why do neurologists rush straight to Janetta surgery at the base of the skull instead of starting diagnosis and therapy at the peripheral nerves in the jaw area?

b) Should we then be surprised that the initial success of the Janetta operation disappears if the chronic inflammatory FDOJ irritation from the periphery persists?

c) Of course, a dentist has already offered to “pull the teeth” in the past: without correcting the osteoimmunologically dysregulated jawbones, this would only have led to a widespread negative assessment by the neurologist: “Just don’t pull teeth!”


I look forward to hearing opinions and questions from our circle of ICOSIM colleagues on this topic and remain with best wishes for the festive season and best regards from my colleagues until the next ICOSIM Weekly in the New Year 2024!

Your Hans Lechner.

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