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14. ICOSIM Weekly – Lecture Lechner International Conference on Osteoimmunology – Testimonial RANTES – Quotes in Science

Dear ICOSIM Colleagues,

  1. This ICOSIM Weekly reports from the International Conference on Osteoimmunology: Interactions of the Immune and Skeletal Systems in Crete.

The scientific committee has accepted Hans Lechner’s presentation for May 17.

Title of the lecture:

Maxillo-mandibular Osteoimmunology – Hidden Fatty Degeneration in Jawbone Marrow as Interface to Systemic Inflammation?”

The fact that 36 international speakers with a high scientific reputation are working on the topic of osteoimmunology is a great proof that we are on the right track

  • with our RANTES research and our
  • analytical insights into the jaw bone with CaviTAU®.
  • are already working on the future of “Integrative Oral Medicine”.
  1. My Facebook contacts also regularly give positive feedback on my posts. Here is a nice example of a great summary:

     Gerrit Egberts posted something Lyme Nederland:

  1. And here is another proof of the scientific reference of our research on RANTES and ultrasound CaviTAU:
    • The 20 PubMed indexed publications of our Munich research team are now cited in 69 other scientific publications!
    • The fundamental orientation of our diagnostic and therapeutic osteoimmunological approaches is highly regarded in the worldwide scientific community!

I hope you enjoy reading and remain with best ICOSIM greetings

Yours, Hans Lechner

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