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23. ICOSIM Weekly

1. Immunological sustainability of titanium implants
2. Abstract for the article
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Blood Concentrate Day Frankfurt 15. Sep. 2023

Dear friends of ICOSIM and jawbone osteoimmunology,


Has implantology already reached its scientific endpoint? In the daily routine of implanting is everything perfect or are we forgetting hidden stresses on the immune system?


1. A possible answer is given in this Weekly – By the abstract for the latest publication of our Munich Research Team MRT:

Immunological sustainability of titanium implants?
Osteoimmunology and osseointegration in dissolved titanium particles


Abstract: The bone-implant contact (BIC) is the essential prerequisite for successful osseointegration and implant stability. If this BIC does not occur on the entire surface of the implant, osseointegration is disturbed and local chronic inflammations in the sense of osteoimmunology can occur. These fatty-degenerative osteonecroses of the jawbone (FDOJ) endanger the immunological sustainability of the implantation; they harm the patient systemically by local RANTES/CCL5 overexpression at the implant-bone interfaces. Since no technique has yet been developed to visualize and verify whether bone or soft tissue is actually present around implants (Albrektsson 2023), these bone marrow defects at the BIC of implants have not been explored. A computerized transalveolar ultrasound system covers that diagnostic gap of standard X-ray techniques. A clinical case presentation demonstrates the immunological relevance of the problem and shows the solution using complementary dental sonography.


2. Curious? This is the PDF download of the original IMPLANTS article in English

Immunological sustainability of titanium implants? 
Osteoimmunology and osseointegration in dissolved titanium particles

3. Save the Date: International Blood Concentrate Day Frankfurt 15. Sep. 2023


Topic of the Dr. Lechner lecture:Bone Ultrasound Detection of Difficult to Diagnose Bone Affections after Extraction and/or Implantation”. 



Topic of the Dr. Lechner workshop:Between Osseointegration and Osteoimmunology – Practice of Ultrasound Sonography for Immunological Sustainability of Titanium and Ceramic Implants



I remain until the next ICOSIM Weekly with collegial greetings in preparation for the event in Bad Kissingen at the IGAF and the Blood Concentrate Day with Prof. Ghanaati in Frankfurt.


Hans Lechner


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