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21. ICOSIM Weekly

1. ICOSIM: Live surgery at Jawbone Detox Days 14/15 July
2. RANTES and developmental defects of enamel in children
3. Save the date: 17th Sep. Lecture by Dr. Lechner about Immune regulation and chronic inflammation in the jaw

Dear ICOSIM Friends and Osteoimmunology Members,

before we say goodbye for the summer break, a short note on our own behalf:
after the 100th ICOSIM Weekly from the beginning of July, we have decided to publish the Weekly fortnightly.

Always worth reading and informative for what is new in osteoimmunology of the jaw bone!!!

1. Our JAWBONE DETOX DAYS® has been very successful

on July 14th/15th, with our colleagues from the Munich Research Team-MRI Dr. Florian Notter and Dr. Fabian Schick:

With modern digital technology, two FDOK live surgeries were transmitted from our practice clinic to the pleasant (plus 37 Celsius) hotel for the participants.

The latest findings in regulative-immunological dentistry IMMUNE DENTISTRY with revolutionary new multimodal concept for therapy planning in jaw rehabilitation and implantology were presented by Hans Lechner.

Learn more about the concept to ensure individual success in diagnosis and therapy in our upcoming JAWBONE DETOX DAYS® in the ICOSIM Weekly!

The impressive lecture by Dr. Andres Fernandez from Costa Rica contributed to the international exchange of experience and lively discussion among colleagues:

2. ARTICLE: RANTES and developmental defects of enamel in children

Who does not know it? The helpless shrug of the shoulders of worried parents: Their child already has terrible enamel defects on the milk teeth!

Here is a paper with reference to enamel defects to RANTES/CCL5: Read the paper

[Costa EM, Pinho JRO, Saraiva MdCP, Ribeiro CCC, Batista RFL, Coêlho Alves CM, et al. (2023) RANTES and developmental defects of enamel in children: a Brazilian prenatal cohort (BRISA). PLoS ONE 18(7): e0284606.].

Conclusion: Lower RANTES concentrations in the blood during during pregnancy may affect the process of amelogenesis, because this chemokine affects cellular depolarization, which is induced by the sustained influx of calcium (Ca++) and the release of inflammatory inflammatory cytokines that promote cell adhesion/aggregation is triggered.

P.S. One also cites at [40] our own publication: Go to publication

Lechner J, Aschoff J, Rudi T. The vitamin D receptor and the etiology of RANTES/CCL- expressive fatty-degenerative osteolysis of the jawbone: an interface between osteoimmunology and bone metabolism. Int J Gen Med. 2018; 11:155-66. PMID: 29731660.

3. Save the date: 17.09. Lecture by Dr. Lechner

Immune regulation and chronic inflammation in the jaw

Our connection to Integrative Oral Medicine IOM creates the International Society for Autonomic Functional Diagnostics and Regulatory Medicine IGAF.

At the IGAF Symposium in Bad Kissingen, Germany, Hans Lechner will lecture on September 17, 2023: “Immune Regulation and Chronic Inflammation in the Jaw – Data and cases on system-oriented remediation practice”.


Remain until the next ICOSIM Weekly with collegial greetings in the preparations for the event in Bad Kissingen at IGAF


Hans Lechner


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