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18. ICOSIM Weekly – Lechner lecture DEGUZ – New publication in CeramicImplants 2/2022

Dear ICOSIM colleagues,

First reminder: sent back the vote for ICOSIM already?

  1. In this ICOSIM Weekly for all who could not be present at the DEGUZ in Frankenthal.

    Here to download my presentation:
    Insight into the jawbone: Inflammatio due to implant? Inflammatio by Endo?

  1. In Ceramic Implant 2/2022 again an international publication by Hans Lechner in English with the title:
    Dental Implants and Bone Marrow Defects – Evaluation of Bone Quality by Intraoral Ultrasonography

I hope you enjoy reading this article – I hope it will be worth your while to gain further insight into the completely new field of “Maxillo-mandibular Osteoimmunology” – and I leave you with my best wishes.

and remain with best ICOSIM greetings

Yours, Hans Lechner

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