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12. ICOSIM Weekly – “Integrative Oral Medicine IOM” in ZWP/3-22 – NEW: ZWP Column by Hans Lechner “Why did I develop CaviTAU®?”- SOM/GZM

Dear ICOSIM colleagues,

in this ICOSIM-Weekly I would like to introduce you to 2 publications in German journals:

  1. In the future, I will publish a column on “Integrative Oral Medicine (IOM)” in every ZWP-online issue. This will outline in correct professional definition the large field and the different facets of a “Holistic or Environmental Dentistry”.

The LINK leads to the first issue of our IOM column and I look forward to your numerous readership!

  1. In the society journal SOM of the GZM I could publish under the idea: “Why did I develop CaviTAU®?” a small overview of the basic starting points of my work on a device for maxillo-mandibular osteoimmunology: Initial Summary for anyone interested in these completely novel techniques.

LINK to the downloadable PDF in the current SOM.

I hope you enjoy reading and
remain with best ICOSIM greetings!

Hans Lechner

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