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17. ICOSIM Weekly – General meeting circulation procedures; OR videos; next FDOJ documentary; health TV QS24.

Dear ICOSIM colleagues,

  1. General meeting by circulation! 

    You will receive mail from ICOSIM e.V. in the next days.
    Essentially, the items on the agenda are about making the association more flexible and powerful by expanding different types of memberships.
    Additionally we have the possibility to expand and finance science and education in ICOSIM.

    I ask you to return the enclosed ballot to the business address of ICOSIM e.V. by 05/20/22.

  1. I hope that our new life surgery videos have been liked and found interest in the undeniable documentation of the existence of FDOJ pathology. As a reminder download for ICOSIM members at

In addition, here is the LINK to download FDOJ documentation for tumor patients PDF; I wish you good entertainment and profound information about CaviTAU®.

  1. The figure shows from the weekly report of the scientific database Researchgate how far our publications get international attention: in the last week of February the curve shows more than 100 links and in 1 week up to 30 readers, from “all over the world”!

Your Hans Lechner

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