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07. ICOSIM Weekly – H E L P ! With our CaviTAU® ultrasound tests we are fully booked until the end of July!

Dear ICOSIM Members,

In this Weekly you will find the announcement of my presentation “Insight into the jaw bone: Inflammatio by implant? Inflammatio by Endo?” – at this year’s DEGUZ Annual Meeting on May 6-7, 2022 in Frankenthal.

I am very much looking forward to meeting you there to exchange ideas and experiences!

LINK to the full program

An adjacent and forward-looking information we get from a successful CaviTAU® user:

  1. Since 7 months more than 300 patients were measured with CaviTAU®.
  2. Since 7 months more than 69.000 € fee revenue generated.
  3. The purchase price of CaviTAU® has been amortized twice in 7 months.
  4. Most importantly, the patient clientele has since completely changed to a higher class patient clientele.

We congratulate our colleague!

Education: Part of the service for authors at high-impact journals is to be kept up to date on the impact of the published research after the paper is published. Every three months, authors receive emails showing article hits on.

All of this data is freely available via the “Metrics” tag on each published article. They show how many times the article summary was read, how many times the full text was read, and how many times the PDF file was downloaded. You can also see how many times the article was cited on Google Scholar and how many times it was mentioned on social media (using AltMetric). Two examples can be found at:

Two articles on CaviTAU® LINK.

Important Preview: At the upcoming Weekly, we will show the next FDOJ- documentary with 10 preparations from tumor patients. The RANTES/CCL 5 expression shown is scientifically linked to tumorigenesis and tumor progression.

See also:

Lechner J, Schulz T, Lejeune B, von Baehr V. Jawbone Cavitation Expressed RANTES/CCL5: Case Studies Linking Silent Inflammation in the Jawbone with Epistemology of Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer (Dove Med Press). 2021; 13: 225-240

With best ultrasound greetings I remain

Yours, Hans Lechner

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