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06. ICOSIM Weekly – JAWBONE DETOX and “Maxillo-mandibular Osteoimmunology”

Dear ICOSIM colleagues,

I hope that the impressive FDOJ photo documentation from the bone marrow defects in rheumatism patients was able to give you an impression of the jaw bone pathologies that we see every day. The still existing negation of these pathological and chronic inflammatory processes is all the more astonishing.

You will therefore find here:

  1. JAWBONE DETOX or what is “Maxillomandibular Osteoimmunology”? LINK
  2. Interesting livestream lecture by Hans Lechner in ZWP-online about “New imaging in the jawbone with ultrasound” Livestream lecture: LINK
    Summary: LINK
  3. Please also note the reference to my 3 ½ hour course offer with the most modern practice DEMO CaviTAU® ultrasound imaging at the ZAEN congress in Freudenstadt on Friday March 25th, 2022: “Silent inflammation in the jaw and cancer development and neuroinflammation – scientific research on destructive Signal transduction via RANTES/CCL5”. LINK

Hans Lechner

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