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International College of Maxillo-mandibular Osteoimmunology (ICOSIM)

The company was founded on 21 January 2015 in Munich and registered as a registered association in the Munich Register of Associations.

Informational advantage thanks to state-of-the-art knowledge database

ICOSIM offers you access to the most up-to-date pool of scientific discoveries in the area of maxillo-mandibular osteoimmunology.

Empowering research in the field of maxillo-mandibular osteoimmunology

Use your support and your work to promote discoveries in modern treatments

Benefit from exchanging practical experience

Obtain valuable insights for your daily work with mutual exchange of experiences and genuine treatment results

Osteoimmunology: the interactions between bones and the immune system

Osteoimmunology has developed as a separate science, emerging from the communication between the immune system and the skeletal system. New findings have emphasised the importance of bone marrow for immunological memory. With a focus on the maxillary and mandibular bone marrow within dentistry, we are creating the new research field of maxillo-mandibular osteoimmunology as a part of integrative complementary medicine.

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Books on maxillo-mandibular osteoimmunology

In volumes I,II and III of the series on ‘cavity-forming osteolysis of the jawbone’, the authors describe this little-recognised, largely unknown pathology and its immunological-systemic associations, with over 600 coloured illustrations and more than 1,100 references.

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CaviTAU – Transalveolar Ultrasound Sonography

With the new CaviTAU® ultrasound device, maxillo-mandibular osteoimmunology now has a radiation-free tool for detecting inflammatory foci in the jaw. These are characterised primarily by an overexpression of the inflammatory chemical messenger RANTES/CCL5. CaviTAU® is the next step in maxillo-mandibular osteoimmunology. For more information on CaviTAU®, visit